Proverbs 27:17 As Iron Sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

 I truly believe that we are meant to go without in life, so when God blesses us with the very thing we were missing, we understand the grandiosity of it’s presence. Friendship is that “very thing” for me.

I am going to tell you a deep dark secret. Not even kidding. I don’t talk about it, ever, and have hidden it away in a box labeled “the past.” Here it goes… college was a huge heartbreak for me in the friend department. Let me summarize it this way… the girls, that I came to know as my people, all rented a house together their junior year. All of them… but me. I wasn’t asked. I had to apply for housing with the hopes of having somewhere to live my junior year. Seriously just took my breath away to write that down.

Here’s the good news. I am now blessed a thousand-fold with the most incredible friendships. A day doesn’t go by, that I am not moved by this very fact. I get to go to work every day with loving, fun and thoughtful women that make my day a joy. They are loyal and all beautifully unique in their own way.  I love them dearly. I can’t begin to explain what they have come to mean to me over the years. We have conversations and group texting that inspire, support and provide the comic relief that is needed constantly. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

My tribe. I spent my day with them today. I am not sure if I can explain what this group of friendship is like. Our commonality… our heart for Jesus and each other.  The day began with a text. Can you come over for coffee?  I was already on the road.  I made a quick phone call to my husband, explaining that I would not be long. Lies. And was the first to arrive. I was not showered. I was wearing sweats and a baseball hat and I knew it wouldn’t matter. This is how we gathered. One by one, my tribe arrived. All apologizing for their appearance, knowing no one cared. All we cared about was that we were together.

This was our time. Our time to share our hearts, encourage each other, and speak into each other’s lives. We eat, laugh and sometimes cry. We are safe. 6 hours later, I head home. My cup filled back up.

In addition, to these amazing friends, I have individuals who have been woven into the fabric of my life. I am so grateful for them. God has brought them into my life as a sweet gift.

I share this because maybe you are experiencing a lonely time in your life. A time when you are feeling disconnected and on the outside…don’t despair! God has the perfect friendships for you. Talk to him about it. Ask him to bring you to your tribe. Ask for God to introduce you to the very people who will become part of your story and in return, you will become part of theirs. God did not intend you to do this thing alone. Do life…Jesus first always, as he is steadfast, and then with others. They are waiting for you.



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